Technology is the collection of techniques, skills, processes used in the production of goods or services and scientific research. To go beyond the limits of human mind and to put your ideas into action, we, at A.D. Patel Institute of Technology are here with the nineteenth edition of its annual TechFest ‘SPECTRUM’. Spectrum word represents a band of colors. Similiarly, this annual TechFest is an amalgamation of various activities to showcase your leadership and organizational skills. The theme for this year is Initiate, Innovate and Cultivate.

It focuses on exploring the endless possibilities that could be realised through a combination of numerous advancements across various fields of science and technology with a vision to bring about revolutionary changes and to transform ideas into reality. This, along with efforts towards preserving resources, can help us provide innovative solutions to real life problems, which requires us to be equipped with skills of various disciplines. Strive to bridge the gap between the industry and the academics by providing students a common platform to discuss the future of technology.

We aim to foster innovation, inquisition and creativity among the masses and to enlighten young minds through technology. With many events and activities Spectrum 2019 is here to blow your minds off, to push you beyond your limits, to give you a platform to work on your ideas, to increase your knowledge and skills and to take you on a ride of an unforgettable and breathtaking journey.

It only gets better and better.

Come, be a part and stay tuned.
A. D. Patel Institute of Technology is a degree engineering college affiliated with Gujarat Technological University under the management of Charutar Vidhya Mandal.

Established in 2000 it is the first Technical institute in India to be ISO 9001:2015 Certified. The college has a 40-acre campus with amazing infrastructure and lush green lawns and playgrounds developed by CVM as New Vallabh Vidhyanagar.

Our motto here is न हि ज्ञान॓न सदशं पवित्रम् इह विदते । which means (There is nothing in the world equal in purity to Knowledge). The mission is to provide innovative educational environments, opportunities and experiences that enable individuals to grow, thrive and prosper which assists the students to become well informed global citizens with the capacity to negotiate their way successfully in a rapidly changing and complex world. We are determined to constantly strive towards excellence with strong bond of love and affectionate relationship with students and seek to be a trailblazer.