After Dark


About Goonj: The floor for the Goonj and Cultural Night will be set by performers from different departments and Team Volcano. The talents of the engineers will be portrayed and everyone will know their world is not just limited to the books, when everyone will be amazed by the fiery talents and awesomeness of ADIT.

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EDM Night

Ready yourself to dive in ambient music and to groove yourself as we are bringing EDM for the first time with Zephyrtone, a SunBurn affiliated duo who will move your legs and give your body some beats with their unavoidable EDM trance. So put your party shoes on and show what you got in a night which is going to be unforgettable for you and your friends.



Time for Dance, Music and Devotion is here and Kalrav brings you the most anticipated Garba Night. Get ready to get mesmerized. Grab your garba group, put your fancy traditional dresses on, and gather some energy to enjoy garba beats and a night even bigger than the Navratri

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